Baptist Fan Quilting Designs

I have developed a love for Baptist Fans in my all over quilting.

I love using the pattern on traditional quilts, and there is something comforting in the curve of the lines when I use Baptist Fans on a very dominating fabric print.  It’s really hard for me to explain it, so I’ll just show you.

The first quilt is by my client Jodie Savage.  You have seen one of her quilts in an earlier post.  Jodie’s quilt, to me, has a very traditional feel to it. Also, the prints all work well together, they are happy together and no one fabric demands the attention of your eyes.   The colors all compliment each other and over all, the quilt makes me feel, well calm.  No fighting going on in this quilt.   There are however, lots of straight lines, so adding some curved or circular movement in the quilting would be a great choice.  Jodie wanted an all over pattern, so let’s see.  Florals would add curve, nope not a good match for this quilt design,  Might be too busy.  Circles?  How bout those bubbles?  No, that doesn’t feel right either.  Bubbles and traditional.  Something about that bothers me on these fabrics.   Ahhhh.  Baptist Fans.  Traditional, Curves, not too fussy.  Yes,  calm with calm.


And Jodie’s Quilt…….

Oh yes, and the Back of the Quilt.

And Jodie, I’m still waiting for one of your beautiful applique quilts!

But what about a different style quilt.  Not Traditional so to speak.  One with lots of different color.  Bright eye popping color and large prints and each one wanting to outstage the other.

  Ahhhhh!   Kaffe Fassett,  how we love your fabrics.!

Check out this little beauty.  Another Sample Quilt for Ginas’s Bernina Sewing Center here in Knoxville.

Not bad, not bad at all.

And the back.

I think the same quilting design worked beautifully on both quilts.  I was very pleased with both.

Tell me what you think?

I hope you enjoyed being here and visiting for a little while.

I certainly appreciate you being here.

Come back again.  I’m always into something.


7 thoughts on “Baptist Fan Quilting Designs

  1. Wow! How beautiful they both are. I love the baptist fan, too. Doesn’t it seem to solve every dilemma? The way you used the design on 2 completely different quilts certainly proves that! Great choice. : )

  2. I think that both quilts are wonderful and show well the beauty and versatility of the Baptist fan. I love the name…brings to mind those sunny hot summer Sundays of my youth when there were few air conditioners in church and fans were placed in the pews for people to use. Wasn’t Baptist but somehow that name fits with the pattern. 😀

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  5. Where did you buy your digitized design? I have been looking for one that doesn’t require a lot of stitching back over already quilted lines.

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