Embroidery on Quilts AND Bubbles, Oh My!

Quilt by Margie Dukes

Okay, I know that’s a crazy title for my post, but I love both those things when combined on a quilt.   Who wouldn’t love Margie’s Beautiful Two Tone Quilt.  Simple Brown Machine Embroidery on White and don’t you love those tiny little circles in the quilting.   I love putting bubbles in my quilting.  They just add so much texture and help the eye follow along the quilt like a little pathway to the next interesting part of the quilt you want the viewer to see.  Bubbles are one of my favorite accents.

Recently, I have added the “Bliss” System to my APQS Millenium Longarm Machine This system was designed to improve the glide and movement of the Longarm and boy does it ever.  The ease of movement and the smoothness that the system provides has so improved my machine that I have to admit, I am having to retrain myself a little with some of my free form movements and designs.  It is a fabulous improvement and I highly recommend it to anyone who owns an APQS Model.  The more recent models come with this system already installed but it is an easy add on to some of the previous models.   To fully understand how this system works, read about “Bliss” on the APQS site.

All that explanation about my Bliss system leads to knowing why I chose Bubbles for the next quilt.  I needed to retrain myself a little, so Bubbles I will stitch.  Practice, practice, practice.

The quilt I am showing next is a kit available at my favorite Bernina and Quilting Store here in Knoxville, Ginas Bernina.  It is a sample for the shop and Gina has kits available that include the fabric and embroidery designs just for those of you who just can’t help yourselves and have to have one.

Beautiful embroidery accents this piece and the wonderful fabrics themselves get a lot of attention.   All the fabrics really need from the quilter is texture,  so guess what?  I am going to practice my free form bubbles and circles on the entire background area.  By the time I have finished the entire quilt, I will consider myself Bubble Trained with my Bliss System.

The embroidery designs are stitched on solid color fabric backgrounds and there I can do crosshatching, feathers and such.  I will also feather the outer border and do some fun things in the small inner border.  Gina is great to quilt for.  She lets me do whatever I want.

Here are a few pics:

See if you can find where I missed a few spots.  Not to worry.  I thoroughly check my quilts before I remove them from the longarm.

A little additional texture with wavy lines mixed in with my bubbles on the sashing and some echo quilting around the embroidery.

Having some fun here!  Practice is a good thing.

Okay, I know.  Now you wonder what the back of the quilt looks like.

Don’t we all want to see the back of the quilt?

Take a look.

Now remember, the quilt is still being quilted, so there will be some spots where the quilting has not been applied.

I think the back is beautiful, don’t you.  I love a more solid background fabric to show off the quilting.  This fabric was perfect.

More to come.


13 thoughts on “Embroidery on Quilts AND Bubbles, Oh My!

  1. Wow! Gorgeous quilting. I love bubbles and other types of textures in quilting too, though now I do my quilting at my Bernina 830. Cheers

    • Good for you. I love quilting on my Bernina 830. It’s a fabulous machine. I keep mine pretty busy with embroidery and testing out my digitizing. When I quilt for me, I love sitting behind that little beauty and enjoying myself.

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  4. I love these colors a lot, and the bright green is a gem along with your fine quilting talent. The colors take me back to our younger days and to all the happiness in the world!

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