Something fun and easy!

Hi Everyone.

With snow predicted in many parts of the U.S. over this coming weekend, it just might be a good time to show you a fun and easy project to fill your time.  So get out there and get some yummy coffee and snacks, and make something beautiful while you’re inside.

A few weeks ago, I took a few days for myself, and decided I wanted something to sew that wouldn’t require a lot of thought and concentration, but instead,  just be fun and easy.   This project was perfect and gave me the chance to use some of the Hoffman Balli Pops that you have seen me using for weights on my longarm.  I really didn’t put a lot of thought into the fabric choices, but at the recommendation of a friend, threw the strips in a pile and just grabbed.   It was a free spirit experience.

I found lots of patterns in this book that will give me tons of enjoyment and uses for all those 2.5 inch Batik Strips that I have collected over the past years.  I really had a wonderful time not only looking through Edyta’s book, but making the quilt top itself.  I have another top started from this book, but it may be another year before I take another break and get to it.  There are projects in this book for beginners as well as the more advanced piecer and I found it well worth the purchase.

Here’s what I came up with.  I plan on adding a wide pale blue border for some fun quilting ideas I want to try.

Heaven only knows when I will find the time to quilt this for myself, but when and if I do, I’ll share it with you.

Another fabulous thing that I want to share, is a photo of the wonderful gift my friend Sharon gave me for quilting her incredible quilt that I named “Sharon’s Lion”.

I was so surprise and  so touched by her kindness and generosity.

Sharon gave me a beautiful lead cut glass bowl that had belonged to her grandmother.  Can you imagine being given a treasured heirloom from a family member.  There are no words to express how thrilled I am that she would share this beautiful piece with me.

I absolutely love it and will cherish it always.

It is stunning!

Whenever I look at it, I feel as though I have won Best of Show!

Thank you so very much Sharon.


4 thoughts on “Something fun and easy!

  1. You gave her a family heirloom when you finished her quilt, and she gave you one in return! Loved your article in Sew Beautiful, Nancy

  2. Love your quilt from Edyta’s book. I made one from her friendship triangle book, which was lots of fun since I did it with a triangle exchange. It’s important to take time to do what you love for yourself, you know!

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