Sharon’s Lion is Finished!

Sharon’s Lion was finally delivered to Sharon last week, and I’m glad to say she was delighted.  I always worry about the customer’s reaction and whether my idea suited their idea for what they wanted for their quilt top.

I’m not sure if I mentioned it before, but Sharon is very creative and designs her quilts with out the help of patterns.  All her appliques were stitched by hand and all were highlighted with hand embroidered accents.  The eyes of the lion were painted on white fabric and then hand appliqued and lets not forget that tail of yo-yo’s.

My Thread choices for this quilts were by Superior threads.  I used So Fine in the bobbin and an assortment of colors from their Rainbow and Highlights thread collection.   I prefer to use a 3.0 or 3.5 needle whenever I have a quilt of Batik Fabric and the needle size worked fine with the threads I chose.  Wool batting was used in case the quilt was hung so the weight would be less and also because Sharon would be shipping the quilt to her daughter.  Wool batting is wonderful for shipping not just because of the lighter weight, the it doesn’t hold the folds and creases from packing.

Here a a few pics, and I am sorry to say, that I forgot my camera the day I delivered the quilt and am not able to share a photo of Sharon.