Another Beautiful Quilt

Hi All

Today was another fun day in the studio.  I was working on another client and friend’s quilt today.  Isn’t it great when the clients you quilt for become your friends.  Gayle Harvey made this happy quilt.  Look at all those beautiful fabrics and I love the black and white sashing strips, don’t you?  Gayle wanted an allover pattern and always leaves it up to me to decide on things, so I thought this might be some information that might be helpful.  None of it is expert advice, just what works for me.

First a close up shot to show you the quilt top and backing fabric.  Backing is on the left and the beautiful quilt top on the right.  So colorful and bright.  I love it.

First I have to decide what thread to use.   What to do.  Let’s think.  I usually try to let the  fabric do the talking when  the prints are large and vivid.  I believe I’ll use a cotton thread.  There is less shine to it than the poly threads, so it will blend in nicely.

What about a color?  A varigated might be good, but I certainly don’t want it to be too dark or bright.  There is enough color in the fabric and I certainly don’t want to compete with that.    A thread looks entirely different on a quilt than it does on a spool so I like to experiment with several and find the one that works on all the different fabrics, and in this case, doesn’t stand out.

Roll out a yard or so of the thread and swirl it around on the fabric sort of like it would be when quilted in.  Try each thread on all the fabrics to see how it looks.  On this quilt, I chose one that at first didn’t appeal to me.  As I rule out each  thread I chose, I become more aware of what I am looking for and it can sometimes be one that I had not originally picked.    Here is the winner.  Should blend in well and only show texture to an already busy quilt.  Superior Thread King Tutt.  One of my favorites.

More to come!


2 thoughts on “Another Beautiful Quilt

  1. Thank you so much for offering your education on selecting the right thread. It is spot on….especially since you chose our King Tut thread. We appreciate your loyalty and can’t wait to see the finished product on this quilt.

    Superior Threads

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