Sharon’s Lion

I have a wonderful friend who is very patient.  She has been waiting a long time for me to quilt her quilt.  She is quite talented I think.  She is very modest about her work and accepts no compliments, but  her quilts are always a surprise.  I have been working on Sharon’s quilt for some time now due to the interruptions of life in general  and a shoulder problem. I always take pictures of the quilting in progress on a quilt.  It’s fun and exciting to see how it changes from day to day.    I thought maybe you would enjoy seeing the quilting as it progresses as well.

Sharon’s lovely lion is placed in the center of the quilt and enclosed in lovely foliage, flowers and vines.  This is a large quilt and has lots of dark open background for quilting with beautiful threads.

He looks a little crooked as I float my quilt tops and was sitting in the floor with him the day I took this picture.  Yep, that tail is made of yo-yos!

I started the quilting in the top left hand corner of the quilt using Superior So Fine thread on the Bobbin to match the backing fabric and Superior Highlights on the needle.  I knew I wanted to use various techniques throughout the quilt and also various thread colors and types.

This quilt will be all free form quilting with lines drawn only to give me direction and a  path for some of the quilting designs.  I usually don’t have a plan when I free form.  I sort of have an idea in my mind, but it usually changes as I go.

This is my very favorite way to quilt.

So, here goes the first picture.

Keep checking back.  I plan to post more each day.

In the meantime, Sharon’s Lion waits patiently for his turn.


6 thoughts on “Sharon’s Lion

    • Thank you for your kind remarks Ricci. You know I love all your threads! I am planning on getting my hands on some of Superiors wonderful silk threads soon. Got a quilt for myself that I will be using it on. Can’t wait. Thank you for stopping in.

    • Thank you Jackie. I need to get some more pics posted. The quilt is finished, just busy with Christmas quilting and little time to blog. Thank you so much for your comments.

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