Sorry I haven’t posted in a bit.

I have been very busy working on a few more embroidery design CDs.  I am trying to finish some of the designs that I have created for children before I move on to my adult oriented appliques for quilts.  I am also digitizing some of the many quilt designs that I have drawn and used  on my customers quilts over the last ten years.  These designs will also be accomplished with  a home embroidery machine and will hopefully help  some UFO’s get finished.  (not that we have any of those)

I’ve almost finished the digitizing of my Puddle Duck Appliques and will be starting to make my sample quilts and a few outfits for children.  I thought you might enjoy a little of the process so I will start by showing you some images of the designs.  For each duck I have a coordinating applique to help with designing the quilt blocks for a sweet baby quilt.  I also wanted to include the same designs as a back-stitch only design.  These will look great by themselves, stitched in a solid color like redwork or blue work or my favorite,  stitch in colors and then color with a crayon.  Yes, you heard right.  Color with a crayon.  You can set the crayon into the fabric simply by ironing after coloring. I sometimes color the wrong side just for a different look if the fabric is sheer enough for the color to show.  It’s lots of fun.


Here’s a few of the designs.


I will be picking out my fabrics Saturday when I go back to Ginas to teach and  I’ll share some of my choices.     I’m thinking white pique for the appliques, with  polka dots, checks, plaids, etc for the sashings and such.  I will probably get in the shop and totally change everything.  You know how we fabric collectors are.  I think I will  stitch out a few of the  appliques and take them with me to shop for the fabrics.

I can’t wait.

I am so busy these days and have so many irons in the fire, but it feels so good to be planning new things.

I have got to get back to my quilting as well and the month of April looks pretty good so I will post pics of my customers quilts as I get them finished.


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