The “Blue Lady” has a name.

Sue is out of town again and I knew the search of the business card was a couple of days away


I spent some time researching and trying to find out about our “Blue Lady” and I think I have solved the mystery.

Her name is Anna Dolanyi and she is the founder of the Hungarian Patchwork Guild.  The quilts are made of a traditional Hungarian blue and white fabric,   block printed by hand for Folk Costumes.  Production of this fabric has declined due to cheap imports, but Anna continues to search for them.

Quilting is fairly new in Hungary and it is said that the newer artists consider the blue and white fabric old fashioned.  I’m not sure that Anna made all the quilts in my photos,  but  rather travels with them and is responsible for displaying them in various shows or exhibitions.  You can read more about Anna on the web at various sites, and see more photos of those beautiful blue and white quilts by simply doing a search using her name.

I believe Anna also has a book and possible some patterns for her work, so if any of you find them, please post it for me.

Feel free to add anything you find.



One thought on “The “Blue Lady” has a name.

  1. Thanks for sharing. These quilts are beautiful. I’m going to come back and spend more time looking at them. I can’t imagine that someone thinks they are old fashioned. So many of the designs are timeless. What a collection. Beautiful, just beautiful.

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