“The Blue Lady” and her quilts.

Last year,  my  friend Sue Jones went on a wonderful trip to the Netherlands to visit a friend that she met here in the States at a quilt retreat.  She created a beautiful album of her photos and showed it to me yesterday.    She had taken pictures of the landscape, buildings, homes and people,  but my favorite photos were those she had taken at a quilt show.

The quilts were positively stunning and I hope she will share all of them with me so I can share them with you.

Sue especially wanted me to  see the quilts of a lady who had a booth at the show.  She only made blue and white quilts and they are beautiful.  Sue could not remember the ladies  name,  but promises to  look for a business card that she is sure she has.

I hope to be able to share all of the photos of the show, but for now, I can share the beautiful quilts of a nameless talent that  we will  call

“The Blue Lady”

(name to follow)


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7 thoughts on ““The Blue Lady” and her quilts.

  1. I found it accidentally to you .the duvets were familiar A standing Hungarian foltsewing his works Hungarian the lady Dolányi Anna ,he single wonderful QUILT artist .
    Marika Hungary.

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