Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time in a land far far away I made a quilt for myself………………….

It was my first attempt at trapunto, in order to learn the technique and experiment before I provided the service for my clients.  I drew my own designs, and used fabrics that I had at home.   I had no intention of any one ever seeing it with the exception of  my friends at Gina’s and my new-found friend Tom Russell, who by the way has a fabulous blog site you should visit.

I was proud of it, even though it was full of boo boos, but Tom insisted I should try it in a show or two  and “Simply Red” won a few local show awards.  She did however, get to hang out with the big girls at a couple of National Shows,  and has a couple of Contestant Ribbons for her scrap-book.

At the time,  the method of trapunto included stitching the high loft batting behind the design elements  with wash away thread on the needle.  You then remove the quilt from the machine and trimmed away the excess batting, leaving the batting under the design element.   Back on the machine to quilt, wash to remove the water-soluble thread and you were finished.  Quite a lengthy process, but the results were good.

I’ve changed a few things since then, one being that I started using the water -soluble thread in the bobbin also.   When the quilt was washed I found floaters of the bobbin thread  and had to remove them. Didn’t like that at all.

Yesterday, I taught trapunto to a class of friends  and one suggested that I should add a page on my blog site that would include photos or videos with instructions on the various ways I accomplish trapunto.   It has been my intention to have a teaching page, so I thought  I would ask you to help me plan the content.I hope you will post your comments on things you might like to see.  I guess its time for me  to learn how to post a video. I can’t wait to see your comments.

I hope you all have a fabulous day today.

It’s a beautiful spring day here in Tennessee.   A perfect day to create something beautiful.



Simply Red


2 thoughts on “Once Upon a Time

  1. Kathy I would love it if you had a teaching page on your blog, you are an awesome quilter and I would really appreciate being able to learn from you.
    My own favourite quilts are applique, and I want to try trapunto, but anything that you teach woud be a help.
    Thank you

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