Taking classes

One thing I love to do is spend time with friends who want to learn something new.  Having a group of people come together just to spend time with you and pick your brain is a compliment to what you have done and who you are.   I have traveled and taught at many places, but my favorite place is in my own back yard at Gina’s store. 

Machine Embroidered Baby Gown Class

Gina and the girls who work for her make a lot of quilts and I quilt most of them.  These quilts decorate the entire store and excite and inspire everyone who drops by.
Jessica, Regina’s  daughter,  has a fabulous eye for color and plans most of the projects for the store.
Tonight, I will be posting many of the quilts that I have finished for her to give you some eye candy, and I also have a freestyle quilting group this afternoon and I will share how they are doing. 
The quilting class they are taking is the first time I have taught quilting in this manner.  The class is a four session class and I can’t wait to see how they apply what they have learned. 
I would also like to say thank you to everyone who stopped by the store just to introduce themselves and tell me they loved my quilting on Peggy Garwood’s Best of Show Winner.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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