Ode to All Over Quilting Designs

APQS Freedom Machine with Comp-u-Quilter

All over quilting can be the bread and butter of a longarm quilting business, yet can give an affordable and beautiful result to a client’s quilt.

The texture of an all over pattern can be exactly what a quilt needs, but there are times when I would never choose an all over pattern.  An applique quilt is, in my opinion, not a good candidate.

Beautifully pieced quilts are perfect for an all over pattern and the  texture it provides.

Choose the size of the design carefully.  Try to keep the size in proportion  with the quilt size,  and I also consider the size of the blocks and pieces within the quilt.

The perfect beautiful thread, whether variegated or solid,  is the finishing touch.

Another time to consider an all over pattern would be to aid in correcting some issues you might find with beginning quilters whose piecing is not exactly square and needs a little help to look its best.  Each client, whether a beginner or a ” free-spirited throw caution to the wind”  piecer,  wants their  quilt to be beautiful.

I feel it is my job as their quilter to coax  them in the right direction for that to happen.  An all over pattern in a smaller size can hide a multitude of problems.

I love it when a client is pleasantly surprised with the end result of a quilt that he or she felt was not their best work.

Below are a  couple of examples for you to look over.

The design used was the same for both quilts with the size adjusted to suit each quilt.  The thread choices were different to be suitable for  the style of each quilt.  For the more traditional quilt, I chose a cotton solid thread, but chose a variegated for the more colorful quilt.

The design below was digitized by Digi-Tech Patterns and is available for purchase.

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