Made it to the Quilt Show

So off I go today to the Smoky Mountain Quiltfest.  

 I live about an hour or so away from Pigeon Forge  and I travel along a lot of little country roads to get to the main ones.  It didn’t matter that the roads were flooding from the pouring rain. 

 There was a quilt show to see ! I should have gone by boat! 

 My windshield wipers started acting up, but not a problem, it was snowing in Seiverville.   I should have brought a snow sled and some dogs!

   You think I’m joking don’t you.  But thats March in this area.

 All this to hang out with other quilters and some pretty amazing quilts.  We quilters are a strange breed.  It doesn’t matter that we’ve never met. 

 We are all connected by the same passion.


Oh, by the way, it wasn’t quite that bad, but it made one good story didn’t it?

Enjoy the show.


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5 thoughts on “Made it to the Quilt Show

  1. I’m getting ready to leave for the show in about an hour. Really looking forward to it. I have my list in hand for the trade show.

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