Hello Everyone

Thanks for stopping by and visiting my first attempt at being a blogger.  I’ve heard its a blast and a great way to meet a lot of new friends who love the same things you do.Soooooo, if you are a quilter or love machine embroidery and maybe even dabble in sewing for children, we just might find a few things in common.  I think I’ll start by showing you some past projects and things I have had the pleasure of working on and then we’ll progress to the new projects. 

“Under Tennessee Skies”
Above is a quilt that I helped to create with the “Village Quilters” located in Loudon, Tennessee.   They are a great group of gals with so much talent and their guild is welcoming and informative. 
Two years ago,  AQS decided to try Knoxville for hosting their  quilt show.  The Knoxville Convention Center, where the show was held,  felt they needed a quilt from a local group to add to their art collection and “Under Tennessee Skies”  was born.
The Village Quilters designed the quilt top and their team of master piecers constructed the top.  They then entrusted it to me to thread paint the State symbols and I included some old family owned homes and structures from the communitiy I grew up in.
I have to admit that I had some major withdrawal when I turned the quilt over to the Convention Center, but I visit often just to get my fix.
You can read about the making of the quilt on the “Village Quilters” website.
Here’s a slide show of some shots I took of the various stages of the thread painting and quilting.  I’m not the best photographer, but I hope you enjoy them.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


One thought on “Hello Everyone

  1. This picture soooo doesn’t do this quilt justice. You have to visit it and put your nose up close to see all the amazing designs quilted into it. Amazing piece of work!

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